Scale your finance team with Pro.

Facta Pro takes the hassle out of scaling your internal finance and accounting teams.
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Close your books 5x faster with Facta Pro.

Leverage our powerful, customized solution that closes your books faster and decrease errors by 30%.
5x faster

How it works

Focus on being strategic. Let us do the rest.

Focus on what makes finance and accounting fun and valuable. Lead your team without the hassle.
Strategic Head of Finance
Accounting Manager
Facta Pro Platform
Senior Accountant
Staff Accountant
We are your finance and accounting team, built to scale for your needs at wherever you are in your business. We'll take care of the things necessary to give you the valuable information to manage your business.

Why Facta Pro

Turn your finance department from a cost center into a growth engine.

Take out the day-to-day accounting and finance work so you can focus on being strategic for your business.

Hire an on-demand, full-scale finance and accounting team at a fraction of an internal one.

Stop worrying about hiring the right candidates, or managing the churn. Facta Pro has all the benefits of an internal team, without any of the drawbacks.
Staff Accountant
Senior Accountant
Accounting Manager
Total Annual Cost
Includes average national salary, plus benefits and taxes.

In-house Accounting Team

Staff Accountant
Senior Accountant
Accounting Manager
No skill gap
No managing employee churn
Total Annual Savings

Facta Pro

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How does Pro compare to traditional outsourced accounting providers?

Facta Pro

Single point of contact
Customized reports and packages
Timely month end close (10-15 days)
Customized approach to each business
Business understanding
Startup expertise
Easily scalable
Proprietary month end close software

Our Solutions

Designed to provide you with better financial clarity - faster and more accurate than ever.

Month-End Financial Reporting

Receive timely financial reports to help you operate your business.

Invoicing, Collections & Payments

Outsource and automate your invoicing and bill collections.

Cash & Expense

Utilize our experts to manage your cash and advise you on expenses.

Financial Planning &

Collaborate with a Pro on your FP&A needs.

Due Diligence & 
Audit Support

Leverage our due diligence and audit support expertise.

Tax, Compliance, & Payroll Support

Ask our experts for tax, compliance, and payroll advice.
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$1.3B raised since joining Facta
“We have a strategic relationship with Facta that spans our accounting, capital finance and product development functions - our team has relied heavily on their insights and support across the board.”
Eric Glyman
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Our Pro team is powered licensed accountants and seasoned SaaS professionals.

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Our team has deep experience building company value.

value created
capital raised
industry experience

And our clients love working with us (actual unsolicited quotes).

Cade O'Neill
“I am very thankful to have Cade on our team to assist in this progress and feel very confident that this will be one of the best decisions I made in 2021 - to migrate to Facta. You are killing it."
Nicole Chan
CFO at Visage
Will Robins headshot
William is just an incredible pleasure to work with and has done an amazing job on this project to migrate us to an accrual method of accounting. I know he has a team of people behind him helping with the work, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how impressed I am with his approach, demeanor and knowledge."
David Voight
CEO at Acceleration Point
Nelson Curtis headshot
“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Nelson is really doing a fantastic job for us! We love working with him, he is super responsive, and I feel like I can trust that anything sent his way he will own and complete for us.”
Patricio Pace
VP, Ops at Pliancy
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[_] since joining Facta

Financial clarity starts today.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team, and let's chat.