Facta for founders

Financial clarity for you & your investors.

Facta equips founders with SaaS metrics software & strategic financial services that scales with the growth of your company. We've helped our clients raise over $2 billion.

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Investor reporting software
fit for seed to series.

Key SaaS metrics for investors, always at the ready.

With Facta, your key SaaS metrics are always available in shareable dashboards and reports, no more reporting lag or complex spreadsheets. Give your investors the financial transparency they expect.

  • Customizable SaaS metric library

  • Shareable, customizable dashboards

  • No reporting lag

Built to get you from seed to series "X".

Different kinds of investors care about different types of metrics. Our software was built to provide you with a customizable dashboard depending on the types of investors you interact with and the stage of your company.

  • "Fundraising-ready" metrics

  • Forecasts and trajectory reports

  • Always prepared for due diligence.

You can’t make growth-related decisions based off old data.

When growth is your number one priority, rarely do you have time to generate reliable metrics and maintain clear financials. Facta helps you do both.

Here’s how:

Understand your subscription revenue

Our SaaS metrics software will provide you instant access to key metrics. Gross margin, ARR, MRR, CAC, and so much more. We don’t just show you the metrics, we help you understand them.

SaaS accounting solutions that scale with you

Scaling your internal finance and accounting team can be costly. Facta’s full-service solutions specializes in accounting services for subscription revenue companies.

Handle investor relations with confidence

We make investor reporting easy by making sure that you are equipped with accurate SaaS metrics and bullet-proof financials.

See what fundraising at each stage looks like with Facta by your side.

Investors & operators love working with us.

You're in good company

Brendan O'Connor - CEO

"Facta allowed us to focus on growing the business, talking to our customers, and building the best product while still having very mature operational reporting."

Jeorgia Brown- CFO

"There's a battle between the operational CFO and the strategic CFO...I love how Facta is able to help us with operational tasks so I can focus on being a strategic CFO".

Aaron Lee - CEO

"As a result of using Facta, we were able to improve our gross margin by 20% in the past year. Facta allowed us to look into each line item and figure out which parts we could make significant improvement."

Rob Flowers - Finance Director

"We've got it locked with Facta. We know that it is the industry standard and we understand that it is what investors want to see."

Track your performance metrics.

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