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You’re always looking for an edge when it
comes to making smart investment decisions.

Analyze new investment opportunities with quick and powerful software that can uncover future trends and opportunities.

Leading SaaS investors are finding future growth and strategic opportunities where others don't see them. Use powerful analytical tools to dig deeper than ever into the details of potential investment opportunities. Our technology makes it easy to get better insights while investing less of your associate's time in analysis.

Help founders systematize their SaaS metrics to stay on target.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.
- Peter Drucker

Stop putting up with portfolio companies who cannot produce the insights required for sound strategic decision-making. We spend 110% of our day focused exclusively on generating rich SaaS metric and financial analyses. The most detailed financial questions can be answered in under 30 seconds when we are finished implementing our systems.

Avoid costly mistakes when it comes to verifying how much revenue a potential company acquisition or investment  opportunity generates.

There are a lot of ways to mis-measure "ARR", and even more ways to define it. In fact, we see more companies that produce misleading data than not. We are the leading experts in finding accuracy problems and highlighting important details that companies glaze over.

Your portfolio is in good hands.

Our customers are backed by top software investors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to request that their portfolio companies rely on Facta for their SaaS financial reporting.

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Our Products & Services:

facta insights

SaaS Metrics Software

  • See SaaS metrics with detail and clarity

  • Onboard in minutes

Cohort Analysis
facta pro

SaaS accounting services

  • Metrics produced by experts that you can trust

  • We move quickly to analyze results or cleanup problems due to our automated tools

  • We leave companies with scalable financial systems that produce rich data that is easily accessible for deep, customized reporting and analysis.

ARR/MRR Audits
Due-diligence support
Fundraising Support
Custom investor dashboards