Gain confidence in your SaaS metrics

Unify your data sources & sales contracts into a SaaS metrics platform that serves as a single source of truth.

A mockup of a saas metrics dashboard with various charts.
A mockup of a saas metrics dashboard with various charts.
Annual recurring revenue growth chart

Stop disappointing investors and making decisions in the dark.

Facta Insights sheds light on your company’s KPIs so that you can impress investors and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Accurate data, always

No more inaccurate and inefficient spreadsheets. No more reporting lag. Your key SaaS metrics and financials are always available and ready to report out on. We are are experts at helping you clean & structure your data so you can have full confidence in your metrics.

Seamless contract management

Our contract management system makes it easy to stay on top of your subscription revenue. Facta can handle recurring, usage-based and non-recurring revenue streams.

Extract & share financial insights

Facta helps you interpret your data and provides context for strategic decision making. Drill into the metrics that matter most and easily share reports with relevant stakeholders.

Some features of Insights:

Get granular with customer segmentation

Insights doesn't just provide you with a broad view of your company's SaaS metrics. Each metric can be broken down so that you can extract more granular insights. Use custom tagging to segment by business lines, customers, cohorts, and regions.

A mockup showing ARR segmentation by region.

Add & compare multiple revenue types

Subscription revenue, usage-based revenue, or one-time elements of contracts are all built into our system. You can easily combine or separate usage-based or variance revenue streams from your subscription metrics.

A mockup showing the ability to segment revenue by revenue types.

Customizable SaaS metrics library

We have all the metrics you can think of. MRR/ARR, Churn, NRR, TCV, LTV:CAC, cohort analysis, CAC payback period, revenue per customer, average revenue per customer, and more. Compare historical vs actual data, generate forecasts, and conduct version control.

Push SaaS metrics and financial directly into Excel or Google Sheets via our connector

Build models and analyses instantly using our custom formulas to pull in accurate SaaS metrics and financial data. Roll closed months forward across all three financial statements and prepare multi-entity reporting in minutes.

Access your financial data effortlessly with our accounting software integrations and account mapping tool.

Your forecast model now automatically ties back to your accounting software. No more missed accounts or broken connections... we reconcile back to the general ledger for you. Now you can focus on rearranging your financials into any format without interfering with your accounting team's set up or processes.

Our SaaS metrics software is used by companies of all sizes.

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Bring your SaaS metrics out from the dark.

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