Elevate your metrics with Insights.

Built for companies tired of using spreadsheets or paying enterprise prices for their SaaS metrics.

Welcome to Facta Insights

Do you struggle with your SaaS metrics?

Facta Insights is built for companies that need turnkey results, but don’t want the inefficiency of spreadsheets, or the cost and hassle of enterprise solutions
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Over 200 companies trust our software and services.
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What makes Insights unique?

Our solution is simple and cost effective without losing the benefits of data visualization.

Facta Insights is a turnkey solution you can trust.
We automatically generate key SaaS metrics and visualizations for you.
Facta interprets the data and provides context for decision making.
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How it works

Your contract inputs become automated outputs. It’s that simple.

Collect Sales Contract Data
Replace your spreadsheets, or connect your CRM or backend directly to our platform.
Create a Single System of Truth
Focus everyone in your organization on a single system of truth for sales performance data.
Leverage Our Expertise
We help guide you in cleaning and structuring sales data so that your system is accurate and scalable.
Connect to Accounting Systems
Utilize our automated, two-way sync with your current accounting system.
Utilize BI and Analytics Tools
Visualize and share your SaaS Metrics with interactive, customizable dashboards.
Collect Sales Contract Data
Connect your data to BI tools for seamless financial automation.
Sync Directly into Spreadsheets
Push data into existing spreadsheets so you can stop struggling with CSV downloads.

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We have all the metrics you can think of, and you can customize them to your needs.
Annual Recurring Revenue
Monthly Recurring Revenue
Annual Contract Value
Total Contract Value
Average Revenue Per User
Net Expansion
YoY Growth
Net New Growth
Percent Churn
Net Revenue Retention
Blended CAC Ratio
Magic Number
Rule of 40
Average Term
Cohort Analysis
Cohort Retention

Why Facta

Fly through investor diligence with confidence.

Facta has proven experience passing financial audits with investors,
lendors, and accountants. Make your SaaS metrics bulletproof.
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Monthly Recurring Revenue
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MRR to GAAP Revenue Comparison

Powered by APIs

Easily connect Insights to your favorite software.

Engineered from the ground up to support API connections, allowing you to support integrations to and from a multitude of vendors.
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Powered by Finance Professionals

Backed by a world-class support team.

We utilize proprietary technology and seamless integrations to empower experienced, SaaS finance professionals who support your business.
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You’re in good company

Entrepreneurs and investors love working with us.

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“We have a strategic relationship with Facta that spans our accounting, capital finance and product development functions - our team has relied heavily on their insights and support across the board.”
Eric Glyman
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“Our investors recommended Facta, and we’ve found them to be extremely diligent helping us as we upgrade our financial operations.”
Brendan O’Conner
Founder & CEO
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“As a high-growth, early-stage company, we need a scalable solution that delivers deep insights for our team and investors. Facta’s software and services support have been instrumental in getting us off on the right foot.”
Aaron Lee
Founder & CEO
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Subscription starts at $450 per month.

Stop struggling with your subscription revenue today.

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