Easily control your SaaS data

Unify disparate data sources into a financial data warehouse that serves as a single source of truth for complex businesses.

A mockup of a saas metrics dashboard with various charts.
A mockup of a saas metrics dashboard with various charts.
Annual recurring revenue growth chart

Stop spending time collecting and combining data into spreadsheets.

Facta does the heavy lifting with your data so you can focus on making strategic decisions with confidence.

Accurate data, always

No more inaccurate and inefficient spreadsheets. Your key SaaS metrics and financial reporting is real-time.

Seamless contract data management

Facta can handle complex enterprise contracts and revenue streams with recurring, usage-based and other elements.

Extract & share financial insights

Facta helps you interpret your outputs, drill into the data that matters most and easily share reports with relevant stakeholders.

Some features of Insights:

Get granular with customer segmentation

Add richness to your data with custom tagging to segment by business lines, customers, cohorts, and regions.

A mockup showing ARR segmentation by region.

Add & compare multiple revenue types

Facta handles all sort of SaaS complexity, such as subscription, usage-based, or one-time revenue streams.

A mockup showing the ability to segment revenue by revenue types.

Customizable SaaS metric builder

Facta brings the power of Excel formulas to a database environment with features such as dependent calculations, dynamic look-back periods, and complex aggregations.

Push metrics and financial directly into Excel or other FP&A tools

Build models and analyses instantly with our custom-build reverse ETL tools that require no engineering resources.

Access financial data effortlessly with our accounting software integrations and account mapping tool.

Your forecast model now automatically ties back to your accounting software. No more missed accounts or broken connections.

Our SaaS metrics software is used by companies of all sizes.

“As a high-growth, early-stage company, we need a scalable solution that delivers deep insights for our team and investors. Facta’s software has been instrumental in getting us off on the right foot.

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Bring your SaaS metrics out from the dark.

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