A new website and an expanded journey

June 7, 2023

Jonathan Charpentier

Where are we headed?

In 2019, we embarked on a journey specializing in SaaS-based financial services and technology. Throughout this period, we acquired invaluable expertise in constructing scalable financial systems and establishing a source of truth for financial data. Nevertheless, we couldn't overlook the vast array of disparate financial data. Many companies faced challenges in maintaining their financial data, while investors encountered difficulties in efficiently gathering this data. Recognizing this gap, we identified an opportunity to consolidate all financial data into a standardized database, facilitating three significant enhancements:

  1. Enhanced monitoring of company performance.
  2. Improved portfolio monitoring.
  3. Streamlined diligence processes.

Why the change?

As we continue to offer SaaS financial services to growing companies, we have launched a focus on a specific group that we believe can greatly benefit from improved data management and collection: private equity firms and investors. As we direct our efforts both externally and internally towards this initiative, we believe it was essential to create a new website that accurately showcases the data management solutions that Facta now provides for private equity/investors, operators, and advisors.

For private equity/investors:  Centralize portfolio data for greater visibility & detail to gain a competitive edge.

For operators: Deliver digestible financial data faster than ever. 

For advisors: Save junior resource time & maximize valuations

Screen capture of Facta's new homepage.

Visit our new homepage:

Screen capture of Facta's new page focused on Private Equity

Visit our page for investors.

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