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Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Monthly active users (MAU) is the total number of users who have visited a website or application within a given month (30 days).

What is monthly active users (MAU)

Monthly active users (MAU) is the total number of users who have visited a website or application within a given month. Furthermore, MAU will typically only take into account a user that has performed at least one specific action within the last 30 days.

Why is MAU essential to measure?

MAU is an essential metric for measuring user engagement and interest of a particular platform and can be used to analyze user behavior over time. MAU helps businesses understand their customers and the products or services they are most interested in.

Measuring monthly active users enables businesses to monitor their engagement rate which will help them focus on increasing user retention and improving customer loyalty over time. It also helps inform marketing strategies and decisions by providing data on how often users engage with a product or service.

When it comes to investor interactions.

When it comes to investor interactions, MAU is a key metric that shows the growth or decline of a company's user base. An MAU that consistently grows month over month indicates that a company is doing well and has gained the trust of users. Meanwhile, a shrinking MAU could be a sign that the company is losing traction and its product is not satisfying the needs of their customers.

How MAU helps with an app’s monetization.

For companies that are seeking to monetize their app or product via ad sales, monthly active users is a key metric when it comes to determining the viability of their app as an effective marketing tool. The larger the MAU, the more users on the company’s app that can be monetized.

What are some ways to increase an app’s MAU?

There are many ways to increase MAU. Here’s a list of some popular methods companies rely on to increase their app users:

  • Launch re-engagement campaigns for inactive users. By offering exclusive benefits or offers to inactive users, a company might be able to reengage a user that otherwise would not have completed any actions within the app.
  • Consistently release product updates. While users are typically initially drawn to an app because of the solutions it offers, it's the features that get users to stay. By consistently providing users with new and relevant features, companies can maintain the excitement and attachment their users have to their app.
  • Offer incentives through gamification. Many apps offer some sort of gamification program involving levels and tiers associated with rewards that users can receive in exchange for their consistent activity.

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